Company Overview

We have designed this business for individuals or small groups who wish to get off the marked paths and explore the less obvious places in safety and in the company of a skilled guide.We cover all of Ireland and while naturally, Wicklow, Kerry, Galway and Donegal feature prominently, there are many other places that are less well known but certainly worth a visit. We cater for all levels of fitness but naturally we cannot mix people of very different levels of fitness in the same group as this would be unfair to both .

groups of people. Whether you want a leisurely saunter through the Wicklow woods or a night time ascent of Carrantuohill we can provide the necessary level of skill to enable you or your group to do so in safety. We will also be happy to examine the equipment of individuals or groups and advise them accordingly. As the initial outlay in terms of equipment can be substantial it is always beneficial to have the advice of someone who uses these items on a..

daily basis. For individuals or groups we will meet with you, plan the route, prepare a checklist of what will be needed and arrange the meeting points. These routes will of course depend on levels of fitness but they can be as challenging as each person or group wishes. What we offer to our customers is the opportunity to get to the places that you may not feel comfortable exploring on your own or with your group. Part of the beauty of the mountains is the solitude. We also have an extensive range of contacts in Ireland who specialise in more extreme forms of outdoor activity and we will be delighted to pass their details on to interested parties.

Our Mission is: "To provide exceptional hiking adventures to Ireland's most beautiful and wild landscapes and to contribute significantly to the conservation of these special places.

In pursuit of this mission we strive to follow a business philosophy that guides our day-to-day operations. To enjoy and take pride in our work. To provide the best service that we can. To educate and inform our customers. To promote long-term sustainability of ecology, economy, and community. The first three areas are relatively easy. Enjoyment of our work comes from a passion and belief that providing hiking and backpacking tours into majestic landscapes is meaningful. We are proud of our country and we are delighted to share its beauty and diversity with our customers.

Customer service is a commitment to management style and professionalism. Enrichment of our customers' lives comes from the services we provide - from the form, rhythm, and renewing qualities of the beautiful and wild places in which we work. It our intention that our customers will leave us better informed and educated about wild Ireland than when they came to us. With regard to the long term view we follow the “leave no trace” practises very closely.